About Zet Automotive

was established in Bursa in 2013. Our experienced cadres in the machinery manufacturing industry which is more than 25 years, in the automotive sector, “Robotic Automations” “PLC Controlled Assembly Lines”, “Welding Lines”, “Control Apparatus” and “Special Test Machine Manufacturing” issues; Design, engineering, machining services and turnkey solutions.

Our company has been etablished with the principle of being a partner in the domestic and international projects under the understanding of the partner company. With the understanding of economics, functional and quality engineering services, it is accepted as one of the prestigius companies in its sector.

In order to reach our targets, we are going to include our educated and experienced team on our knowledge in the sector, and we will continue our way fast.

To be recognized internationally with the quality, reliability and service understanding and to contribute to the society witih their beliefs. Within the scope of it’s strategy in 2021, ZET Automotive took care to balance its profitability level with it’s market share.

Vision & Mission

The company considers digital transformation as one of it’s priorities in order to increase service quality and strengthen business processes in the rapidly digitalizing automotive industry globally. Our vision, to provide creative service beyond expectation...

Why Zet Auotomotive?

To follow and master changes and developments in the sector with understanding of economic, functional and quality engineering within the understanding of partner companies.

We Are Trusted

Creating process with experience and business ethics. These are our key words.

We Are Experts

Processes in the rapidly digitalizing automotive industry globally..

We Are Professionals

for more then 20 years, we have quality and strengthen business processes.

Certified: ISO 9001:2015

Manufacturing of Electrical, Electronic & Machine Automation Systems

We Are Experienced

ZET Automotive took care to balance its profitability level with it’s market share.

Licensed 4 Table

We are using Catia Solutions with 4 table licenses in our drawing & design works.